Women's & Sexual Health Fees

Please Note: Our fees have been updated effective 1 July 2024. See our Patient Fees page for more information.

Detailed below you will find the Women's Health services patient fees for Dr Jaswinder Kaur at Total GP Care Norwood. You can also download the Women's & Sexual Health: Patient Fees PDF.

There is more information on our service fees on the Patient Fees page (please note that appointment non-attendance can result in a fee if the clinic is not notified at least 2 hours in advance). Please email us via our website enquiry form or call us on (08) 8102 0992 if you have any questions or require more information.

Please Note: Follow-up consults for Women's & Sexual Health are not Bulk Billed (standard GAPs apply). Suggested fee schedule is only a guide and actual gaps charged are at the discretion of the practitioner.

ServiceFeeMedicare RebateGap
Women's Health Consult (30 minutes)$183.90$82.90$101.00
Menopause Consult (30 minutes)$183.90$82.90$101.00
Sexual Health Checks (30 minutes)$183.90$82.90$101.00
HIV Prep$183.90$82.90$101.00
Iron Infusions (50% deposit)VariableVariable$121.00
Implanon Insertion [14206]$91.55$40.55$51.00
Implanon Removal [30062]$135.20$69.20$66.00
Implanon Replacement [300062+14206]$175.75$109.75$66.00
Mirena Insertions (50% deposit)$242.35$91.35$151.00
Mirena Removals$93.85$42.85$51.00

Download the Women's & Sexual Health Fees PDF.

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