TGPC Prospect: Patient Fees

Detailed below you will find all the patient fees for Total GP Care Prospect. You can also download the TGPC Prospect: Patient Fees PDF.

There is more information on our service fees on the Patient Fees page (please note that appointment non-attendance can result in a fee if the clinic is not notified at least 2 hours in advance). Please email us via our website enquiry form or call us on (08) 8102 0992 if you have any questions or require more information.

Please Note: Suggested fee schedule is only a guide and actual gaps charged are at the discretion of the practitioner.

ServiceFeeMedicare RebateGap
Short consult 4$38.95$18.95$20.00
Standard consult 4$71.40$41.40$30.00
Long consult 4$140.10$80.10$60.00
Extended consult 4$208.00$118.00$90.00
Careplan 1Bulk Billed
Team Care Arrangements 1Bulk Billed
Chronic Disease Review 1Bulk Billed
Home Medication Review 1Bulk Billed
Health Assessment 1Bulk Billed
Mental Health Plan 5VariableVariable$30.00
Non-attendance fee 2$40.00$0.00$40.00
Non-attendance fee (long consults) 2$90.00$0.00$90.00
Home visit call out fee 5VariableVariable$300.00
Short consult 3$42.50$0.00$42.50
Standard consult 3$86.00$0.00$86.00
Long consult 3$158.00$0.00$158.00
Extended consult 3$240.00$0.00$240.00
Short consult 4$38.95$18.95$20.00
Standard consult 4$71.40$41.40$30.00
Procedures 5VariableVariable$50.00
Iron Infusions (50% deposit) 5VariableVariable$120.00
Implanon Insertion [14206] 8$63.15$33.15$30.00
Implanon Removal [30062] 8$86.55$56.55$30.00
Implanon Replacement [30062+14206] 8$139.70$89.70$50.00
Mirena Insertions (50% Deposit) [35503] 6$224.65$74.65$150.00
Mirena Removals [23]$71.20$41.20$30.00
Spirometry 5VariableVariable$40.00
Dressings 5VariableVariable$30.00
ECG 5VariableVariable$40.00
Heavy Vehicle 2$110.00$0.00$110.00
Taxi/Uber 2$110.00$0.00$110.00
VACCINATIONS (50% deposit)
Influenza (Flu) 7$20.00Bulk Billed$20.00
Whooping cough (Adacel/Boostrix) 7$40.00Bulk Billed$40.00
Meningoccoal B (Bexsero) 7$125.00Bulk Billed$125.00
Hepatitis A + B (Twinrix) 7$80.00Bulk Billed$80.00
Hepatitis A + B Junior (Twinrix Junior) 7$55.00Bulk Billed$55.00
Hepatitis A (Havrix) 7$70.00Bulk Billed$70.00
Hepatitis A Junior (Havrix Junior) 7$50.00Bulk Billed$50.00
Hepatitis B (Engerix B) 7$40.00Bulk Billed$40.00
Typhoid (Typhim VI) 7$60.00Bulk Billed$60.00

1 Bulk Billed

2 Full fee to patient

3 Full fee to patient until claim number available, then charged to insurance company

4 PENSIONER/HCC/U16 Bulk Billed

5 Fees may vary depending on GP attendance times

6 For failed Mirena insertions, fee will be reduced from $150 to $30 to cover cost of consumables

7 GP consult bulk billed, patient to pay full cost of the vaccine

8 Additional consultation fee may apply

Download the TGPC Prospect: Patient Fees PDF.

Total GP Care Prospect