This service is offered at the following centre: Total GP Care Norwood.

Xrays, Ultrasound & CT Scans

Mobile Radiology Australia (MRA) is proactively supporting our health care system by providing mobile x-ray and ultrasound imaging services to your place of residence — be it in a Residential Aged Care facility, at home or at your health care facility.

As the first mobile service here in South Australia and the largest group in Australia, MRA continues to build our services by providing timely access for patients and by providing immediate access to diagnostic reports for doctors.

MRA is pleased to extend our services to the Norwood community and the patients of Total GP Care Norwood. Online bookings and further information can be found via the MRA website.

TGPC Partner: Mobile Radiology Australia

Mobile Radiology Australia is a partner of Total GP Care. Please visit our Partner page to find out more about all Total GP Care partners.

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If you would like further information about our Radiology services, please call us on (08) 8102 0992 or email us via our website enquiry form.

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