Iron Infusions

This service is offered at the following centres: Total GP Care Prospect and Total GP Care Norwood.

Iron Deficiency

Iron Infusions can sometimes be used to treat iron deficiency in the event that dietary modification and medications have proven ineffective, or in situations where iron levels need to be quickly increased – such as prior to surgery or in late pregnancy to avoid blood transfusions.

A doctor is able to perform intravenous iron infusions where necessary. This is a procedure that involves placing a needle into a vein into your arm which a drip is inserted to infuse iron.

You will need to schedule an appointment at one of our locations, Total GP Care Prospect or Total GP Norwood, so a doctor can assess your condition and ascertain the appropriateness of iron infusion as the preferred choice of treatment. The procedure can then be conducted conveniently within a treatment room with a nurse and/or doctor.

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